Thursday, November 09, 2006

behind an exquisite smile....

a heart crushed with lonliness..wanting to let go but just cant!.. letting go means spending the rest of my life in hell. emptiness overwelms me. i have a lot of friends and the big smiles and candid hearts of my family may ease the pain. but there's just this nail of emptiness in my heart which is buried deep and needs a big hammer of love to remove it. why do i feel so damn empty? when i've got all that i needed! i cant imagine myself giving up! when He's all that i needed,and in the long run He's all that i've got to ease this emptiness. when i know that His love is the only thing that matters in this world right now for me. i know He wont leave me alone. im His daughter and i know it. o Lord, i need a strong word of encouragement from you right now. you are my Father , and i know that it hurts you to see that your daughter is struggling the earth and the people in it. o Lord, please... i want to take your hands so that you will always be there for me wherever i am and wherever i go,through the dreams that i want to fulfill. Lord, i wont give up on you. you are my only hope. Lord, you are my only outlet and i know you know that. i know i've been strong enough to overcome these trials, but Lord, is it strong enough for you?


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